Painted and Gilded Longhorn Cow Skull with Floral Arrangement




“Angel of Mercy”
Cow Skull, Hand Painted, Rose Gold Leafing, Floral Arrangement Headress. 
This skull belonged to one of our very own longhorns, but as you can tell, she passed at a very young age. Here’s her story:
She was born as a preemie to a healthy cow so we had high hopes for her when we observed her nursing regularly. As the days went on we realized something was off, she wasn’t gaining weight and seemed lethargic. So we actively began supplementing and administering medicines necessary to help her gain and grow, and sometimes she did, because she was a fighter. But as much as her mother and we tried, she always seemed a bit sickly. As she weened it began to get worse and she always had a rough time filling out. She was so loving and sweet, we did everything to give her a fighting chance hoping she would grow out of it one day. But that day never came. We checked on her daily until one morning she lay peacefully in the pasture, forever asleep. We knew it was her time and that the Angel of Mercy had given her rest. 
This is my tribute to this little soul. She may have always been sickly in life, but now she will turn heads forever.


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