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Family Heirloom Pendant


Create a family heirloom with this special pendant!

NOTE: Infants and toddlers fingerprints are not as developed as adults so there will not be as much detail, but you will still have a very cute impression of their little finger. The quality of the finished product relies heavily upon the quality of mold that I receive, the better the mold, the better the pendant. If I receive your mold and think it will not work, I will be in contact with you.

This a .999 Fine Silver pendant with multiple fingerprints. This pendant is great for multiple prints, as you can see 4 adult prints fill it up, but I could possibly use more if they are children’s prints. When you order, please let me know how many mold kits I need to send (one per person)

When you order, I will send you a kit to make a mold, mail the mold back to me and I’ll create your custom pendant.

Shipping includes cost of sending molding kit and sending finished product, buyer will pay return mold shipping.

I ship enough material to make 2 molds just in case the first doesn’t work, if you need more than that I ask that you purchase my mold making kit, see separate listing.


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